So you want to show off your game or artwork? Maybe you want to sell your awesome stuff? Or perhaps you want to promote your business at the Dev Con?

We’d love to have you! Please fill out the corresponding link below to apply.

Vendor Booth Application
(Vendors and other B2C businesses)

Indie Game Table Application
(Independent Game Developers ONLY)

Artist Alley Application
(Comic Book Artists, Comic Authors, and Handmade Creators/Crafters ONLY)
(SOLD OUT – you’re welcome to get on the waitlist. Also see PixelFest Art Show Application – IT’S FREE)
Artists can also apply to have their worked featured in the PixelFest Art Show for the month leading up to and during PixelFest.

Dev Con Booth Application
(B2B businesses and major businesses ONLY)


Discounted rooms are available at the beautiful and new The Main hotel (right next to Slover Library!).
Event Rate Link Use code PXF

If having trouble with the link, call 757-763-6200 and ask for the PixelFest discount.

Virtual Tour of The Main